TABIS's main activities include:

  • Facilitating access to a variety of community based educational, social and recreational options and assisting the individual to maintain involvement in these options.
  • Case Management.
  • Physical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation to assist the individual to achieve agreed rehabilitation or lifestyle goals which are realistic, achievable and satisfactory to the individual concerned.
  • Provide or facilitate the development of networks, professional and general, of appropriate support for people with ABI, their family and partners.
  • Facilitating service development and participation in activities directed to prevention and management of neurological injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, surgery, sporting accidents, stroke etc.
  • Facilitate Family Conferences. Mediatory in home sessions working through issues relating to ABI which impact on the family unit and social networks.
  • Mentoring Program. Facilitate opportunities for people with similar physical and psychological functioning levels to be matched to support each other in the journey of acceptance of their ABI with support of an interdisciplinary team.